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Infinity Training Solutions Launches new Help & Support site

Infinity-SupportAs things begin to grow at Infinity Training Solutions, it’s important that the important things, our clients, are taken care of in a timely manner. That is why we are excited to launch our new Help & Support Desk. Since we have many customers using the LearnDash LMS that we proudly support, it’s important that they have access to a knowledge base to help with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to perform a task in LearnDash.

In the coming weeks and months we will be adding more helpful knowledge based articles on other helpful topics such as instructional design tips and tricks to take your training to the next level. At Infinity Training Solutions our number one goal is to help you develop better training. We will also be building up a knowledge base resource section on this site, so all of the accidental instructional designer’s out there will have a place to go for links to the best eLearning and instructional design sites and resources.

What Lies Ahead?

In early 2017, we hope to add two new additional resources to the Infinity Training Solutions. The first is an eLearning Market for freelance instructional designers to offer their courses for sale   or small companies that need to periodically train their employees but don’t have the need or can afford to have a full time learning management system. The second initiative is a training specific stock photo site where photographers can offer their photos and make some money.


Jeff Slapp

Jeff Slapp is the founder and CEO of Infinity Training Solutions and the National Academy of Criminal Justice. Both companies are focused on his passion for delivering quality training. Jeff is a retired Sheriff's Captain with 31 years of law enforcement experience and also serves as an adjunct university professor teaching criminal justice courses. Jeff received his Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of South Florida. Go Bulls!!

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